Courses in this category concentrate on the use and application of concrete and shotcrete. The general construction will be reviewed as well as facets of the materials necessary, equipment and quality control. Education on the mix design and inspection might also be found in this category. Dry- and wet-mix methods will also be examined as they apply to shotcrete.

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Concrete/Shotcrete Concrete Removal and Preparation for Repair 2 $20 03/28/2015 Download(2.18MB, PDF) Add
Concrete/Shotcrete Planning and Design of Concrete Repairs 1 $10 03/28/2015 Download(0.76MB, PDF) Add
Concrete/Shotcrete Materials and Methods for Repair and Rehabilitation 2 $20 03/28/2015 Download(1.8MB, PDF) Add
Concrete/Shotcrete Maintenance of Concrete 1 $10 03/28/2015 Download(0.62MB, PDF) Add
Concrete/Shotcrete Evaluation of the Concrete in Concrete Structures 2 $20 03/13/2015 Download(4.88MB, PDF) Add
Concrete/Shotcrete Curing of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements 3 $30 03/13/2015 Download(0.69MB, PDF) Add
Concrete/Shotcrete Standard Practice for Shotcrete 4 $40 03/13/2015 Download(1.52MB, PDF) Add
Concrete/Shotcrete Causes of Distress and Deterioration of Concrete 2 $20 02/22/2015 Download(1.24MB, PDF) Add


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