Soils Engineering/Testing

Courses in this category include studies on various test methods and engineering reports of soils. Included in these courses are the actual test procedures, possible errors and apparatus necessary. Calculations for results, charting and reporting may be covered as well. As is necessary with soils testing, there is no room for mistakes and shortcuts are not acceptable less the results be deemed invalid.

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Soils Engineering/Testing Correlation of Soil Properties 1 $10 03/01/2015 Download(1.04MB, PDF) Add
Soils Engineering/Testing Determining Water Content of Wet Soils 1 $10 03/01/2015 Download(0.07MB, PDF) Add
Soils Engineering/Testing In Situ Testing Soil and Rock 3 $30 03/01/2015 Download(2.54MB, PDF) Add
Soils Engineering/Testing Soil Stabilization for Pavements 3 $30 03/01/2015 Download(1.24MB, PDF) Add
Soils Engineering/Testing Compaction Tests (“Maximum Density” or “Proctor”) 3 $30 03/01/2015 Download(0.47MB, PDF) Add
Soils Engineering/Testing Atterberg Limits 3 $30 03/01/2015 Download(0.63MB, PDF) Add


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