Atterberg Limits

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Course Synopsis:

The Atterberg Limits are water contents which define the limits of various stages of consistency for fine-grained soils.  The liquid limit (LL) and the plastic limit (PL) define the upper and lower limits of the plastic range of a soil.  The numerical difference between the LL and PL is the plasticity index (PI).

These tests are performed in the laboratory on prepared soil samples to determine the engineering properties and classification of the soils. This course explains the purpose, equipment, procedures, and result determination of the Corps of Engineer’s Atterberg Limits test methods.  ASTM and AASHTO have similar test methods.  Engineers should be familiar with all of these methods and their nuances.

It is imperative that the specified, published test method be strictly followed.  Otherwise, the results may be deemed invalid, resulting in potentially significant cost to the company or agency performing the tests.  There is essentially no room for mistaken test methods or procedures.  Shortcuts are not acceptable.

Course Objectives:

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills regarding Atterberg Limits determinations

  • Definitions

  • Devices for performing the tests

  • Preparation of material for testing

  • Test procedures

  • Calculations

  • Possible errors

  • Charting and Reporting


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