Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design

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Course Synopsis:

Did you know? Two-thirds of the highway systems in the United States and more than 90 percent of all the roads in the world are unsurfaced or lightly surfaced low volume roads. In Kentucky, more than 19,000 miles of local roads have gravel surfaces.

In many rural regions, the volume of traffic is so low that paving and maintaining a paved road is not economically feasible. Many gravel roads serve rural residents, farm fields, timber forests, and access to remote areas such as campgrounds and lakes. Many of these roads will remain unpaved due to very low traffic volume and/or lack of funds to adequately improve the subgrade and base before applying pavement layers. This U.S. Department of Transportation manual provides information for doing a better job of maintaining gravel roads.

Course Objectives:

This course teaches the following specific engineering knowledge and skills regarding Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design:

  • Introduction and definitions regarding gravel roads maintenance and design

  • Practical knowledge of maintenance on unsurfaced or lightly surfaced low volume

  • Information regarding design of gravel roads including: shoulder, ditch, and crown


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