Frequently Asked Questions

Who reports PDH credits to the necessary state board?

The licensed Engineer should keep records of their completed continuing education credits in the event of an audit by their states' authorities. If a state requires reporting, the licensed Engineer should report their credits to their respective licensing board.

What are the requirements for each state?

Please visit our State Requirements Map to view a summary of the continuing education guidelines for your state. Please note that while makes a diligent effort to stay current with requirement guidelines, the ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with the individual engineer. If you believe there may be a discrepancy please notify and adhere to the current guidelines outlined by your state board.

What is a PDH? CEU?

A PDH is a Professional Development Hour. 1 PDH translates to 1 contact hour (or fifty minutes) of continuing education. If a course is given 3 PDH credits, it is assumed that it will require 3 hours of an engineer’s time to study the course and complete the corresponding quiz. A CEU is a Continuing Education Unit and 1 CEU equals 10 PDH. All courses at are classified as PDH credits.

Are the quizzes timed?

There is no time limit on quizzes; you are encouraged to take your time completing a quiz. Quizzes that have not yet been successfully completed are available in your User Account to re-take for one year after the purchase date.

What is required to pass a quiz?

The quizzes on are simply pass/fail and a grade of 70% is required to have successful passing completion. If you receive a grade lower than 70% you may retake the quiz as often as necessary for up to one year from the purchase date. After one year has transpired the quiz must be repurchased in order to re-attempt.

Are’s courses accepted under state board continuing education requirements? offers a 100% Guarantee that our courses will satisfy the continuing education requirements for Civil Engineers as according to your state board. There are guidelines particular to certain states on the maximum PDH credits allowable online so please verify your State Requirements before purchasing a course.

In the unlikely event that your state board rejects a course on the basis of quality, we will gladly refund the expense or substitute another course, whichever you prefer.

There may be some limited exclusions based on the course delivery method (online versus offline), so please be advised whether your state limits the number of credits you can receive through online education or specific course subject as corresponding with your discipline.

How long does retain course completion records? will retain course completion records for a period of six years.

Does accept courses by other authors? is currenlty not accepting individually authored courses by qualified experts.

Is there a course completion certificate available?

After successful completion of a course you will be prompted to view and print a completion certificate for your records. At any time after course completion, you may access and print your earned certificates through your User Account.

Is there a transcript of completed courses?

Also found in your User Account is a transcript of all successfully completed courses through Using this transcript will aid you in maintaining a continuing education log in the event of an audit.


CivilPDH is an approved PDH course provider. 

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